Last Home Stand

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Those who observe halloween among Filipino basketball fans thought that it’s a great treat that the biggest basketball charity game in the country is happening at the SMART Araneta Coliseum with the Gilas Pilipinas playing with the elite group of NBA basketball superstars. However, what actually took place has turned out to be a live practice with drills featuring both teams. 

 The change of plan and the cancellation of the second day event was further explained by the events organizer and Media provider in a press conference. According the event organizer, the supposed actual games were cancelled, because NBA guests thought that they would be sanctioned and fined if they ended up playing due a regulation issue on their contracts, which doesn't allow NBA players to play in non-sanctioned NBA events. 

 Anyway, there is always next time. People can only hope that this will not be the last basketball event that they will see, which are featuring NBA players competing in our country.


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The occasion when a man and a woman got engaged romantically is celebrated by a few couples. This is for the reason that we are not just giving importance to our wedding anniversary but also giving importance to the day when one meets a husband or wife for the first time. Although we are not like those who are celebrating their weeks and month anniversaries, my wife and I are giving importance to the special days of our relationship. If only it is not asking much, I would love to receive another again ring like from

Guitar or Drum

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Last week, we brought our son to a music store where we bought him a guitar. During the negotiation with the store clerk, we noticed that he started to play the drums that were displayed in the store. That made us doubt whether we should buy him a guitar or a drum set. If only it is not expensive, and if only we have a sound proof room in our house, he might have his drum sets by now. It is like using a b1800x from guitar center and not conducive in the place surrounded by neighbors. Maybe next time.

Jazz Concert

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French guitarist Nguyên Lê and German jazz vocalist Michael Schiefel, together with Spanish jazz percussionist Tino di Geraldo and Italian double bass player Furio di Castri of the European Jazz player Performers and our very own and Asia’s most prominent and gifted saxophonist, Tots Tolentino performed for free in a jazz concert last Saturday in Maestranza Plaza, Intramuros Manila. The very first 2014 Euro-Pinoy Jazz Concerts” is presented by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Philippines and the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines. 

 Jazz music completes my day, especially when it is played live by those prominent jazz artists. They are not just ordinary performers with affordable ultrasound amps in some hotels and bars. Hopefully this event will have a repeat since this is the first time and we are waiting for another one next year.


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My husband loves animals. He tells me that he has lots of pets way back when he was still in his single years. But since we don’t have space for them anymore, he stopped having pets. But my son would love to have some pets also. He loves fishes, birds and as a matter of fact, he also loves dog. I could see how much he has been taking good care of our neighbour’s dogs. Hopefully we can get him some pets that he can call his own, too. We will just have bark collars to avoid dog barks that can disturb our neighbours.


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It is good to know that not just my son who love to play guitar but also my niece. At their early age, hopefully we can find best beginners of guitar players out of them. Although if we will be given a chance, we love to buy them Yamaha Acoustic Guitars at musicians friend at musicians friend, but according to the guitar school that we have inquired from, beginner guitars still fit them especially the young standard guitar learners.

Rose Fostanes – X factor Israel

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A Filipina migrant worker Rose “Osang” Fostanes won the first season of X factor Israel. The 47-year old Filipina who has been working as caregiver in Israel for six year sang the most notorious song for us Filipinos. This song is “My Way’ by Frank Sinatra in her final performance. Some might say it is a bad omen that ‘My Way’ song for us Filipinos means the one singing is finished. It is not the microphone audix om7 although votes are important in this reality show, but the real singing talent of Osang is due to the many years of her singing in some song amateur contests and karaoke in the country that made her what she is now.